What is arduino uno
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What is Arduino?

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What is Arduino? Arduino is a module or electronic board based on an AVR microcontroller. In the Arduino board it is equipped with a minimum system, fuse, pin with address, Regulator IC, USB Port.

What is arduino uno
This image is property of arduino.cc

You don’t need to make a minimum system of microcontrollers from scratch, because all the support we need for microcontroller ICs is already available on Arduino so that Arduino is a solution in the design of microconteoller-based electronics.

In addition to its cheap price, and its easy use, this electronic module is open source, so everyone can make, produce, sell and own it. But what can you do from Arduino?

With the Arduino module, you can make various electronic projects such as:
– Wristwatch,
– Clock
– Compass
– The door lock uses finger print
– Wireless communication
– Detect human body
– Automatic watering plants
– Detection of gas leaks
– Making drones
– Making a Robot
– Create a sophisticated parking system
– Detect room temperature
– CNC and 3D Printer machines
– Turn on lights with touch sensors
– and others

Arduino has several types based on the microcontroller used. These variations of Arduino are Arduino Uno, Arduino Nano, Arduino Pro Mini, Arduino Micro, Arduino Due, Arduino Yun, Arduino Leonardo, Arduino Mega.

If you are a beginner, you should only use the Arduino Uno based on the ATMega328 microcontroller. All Arduino variations above, use the same program command, so if you use Arduino other than Arduino Uno, please see more differences in programming at Arduino.cc.

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