type and characteristics of capasitor

Various Types And Characteristics of Capacitors

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Various Types And Characteristics of Capacitors – Previously, it was explained about Amount of Capacitance Of A Capacitor. Various types of capacitors according to the material and construction. Capacitors, like resistors, have capacitance values ​​that are fixed and variable. Air dielectric capacitors, their capacitance changes from maximum to minimum.

type and characteristics of capasitor

We often encounter variable capacitors in a series of radio receiver planes in the tuner and oscillator section. In order to change the capacitance in the two parts simultaneously, multiple variable capacitors are used. Dual variable capacitors are two variable capacitors with one player.

Types Of Capacitors

Based on the dielectric capacitors are divided into several types, including:
1. ceramic capacitors
2. film capacitors
3. electrolytic capacitors
4. tantalum capacitors
5. paper capacitors

Electrolytic capacitors and tantalum capacitors are capacitors that have poles or polars, often called polar capacitors.
Film capacitors consist of several types, namely polyester film, poly propylene film or polysterene film.

Characteristics Of Capasitors

Mica capacitors are capable of receiving voltage up to thousands of volts on a high frequency circuit. The capacitor for the high-electron electron circuit must fill the metal plates and fill the dielectric.

When the current changes direction the electrons must increase the dielectric. Changing the direction of current that occurs in the capacitor is blocked by an obstacle called capacitive hysterysis.

Characteristics of capacitors in general:
a. Against dc voltage is a very big obstacle.
b. Against the ac voltage has a resistance that changes according to the frequency of work.
c. Against the ac voltage will cause a phase shift, where the current 90 0 precedes the voltage.

The resistance of a capacitor to an ac voltage is called reactance. Symbolized by Xc, the amount of capacitor reactance is written in the formula:

reactance capacitor formula:

Information :
Xc = Capacitive reactance (ohms)
f = the frequency of the circuit work in hertz units
c = capacitance (farad)

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A capacitor can be damaged if:

  • has been used for a long time
  • Working voltage limit is exceeded
  • error in improper polarity installation.

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