Type Of Resistor

Types Of Resistors

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Types Of Resistors – Based on the type and material used to make resistors, it can be divided into wire resistors, charcoal resistors and metal oxide resistors. Whereas charcoal resistors and metal oxide resistors are based on a known arrangement of composition resistors and film resistors. However, in trading these resistors are divided into fixed resistors and variable resistors.

Type Of Resistor

The use of low power is the most important type of permanent detainee, which is a carbon mixed prisoner printed. The relative size of all fixed and unchanging prisoners against the power rating (number of watts), increase in size to increase the power rating in order to maintain greater current and loss of power absorption.

Changing prisoners, as stated in the name, have a prison terminal that can be changed by rotating the dial, knob, thread or whatever is appropriate for an application. They can have two or three terminals, but most have three terminals. If two or three terminals are used to control the voltage, it is usually called a potentiometer.

Although actually the three-terminal device can be used as a rheostat or potentiometer (depending on how it is connected), it is usually called a potentiometer if it is listed in a trade magazine or asked for a special application. Most potentiometers have three terminals. Dial, knob, and screw in the middle of the package controls the motion of a contact that can move along the resistance element connected between two outer terminals.

Prisoners between the outer terminals always remain at the full price on the potentiometer, not affected by the position of the sliding arm. In other words the resistance between the outer terminals for the 1M potentiometer will always be 1MΩ, there is no problem how we turn the control element. The resistance between the sliding arm and one of the outer terminals can be changed from the minimum price of zero ohms to the maximum price equal to the full price of the potentiometer.

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The amount of resistance between the sliding arm and each of the outer terminals must be the same as the size of the full resistance potentiometer. If the resistance between the sliding arm and one of the outer contacts increases, the resistance between the sliding arm and one of the other outer terminals will decrease.

Types of fixed resistors:

  • Metal Film Resistor
  • Metal Oxide Resistor
  • Carbon Film Resistor
  • SIP Resistor Network
  • Economy Wirewound
  • Ceramic Encased Wirewound
  • Zero Ohm Wire Jumper

Variable resistor types:

  • Potentiometer:
    a. Linear
    b. Logarithm
  • Trimer-Potentiometer
  • Thermister:
    a. NTC (Negative Temperature Coefisient)
    b. PTC (Positive Temperature Coefisient)
  • VDR (Voltage Dependent Resistor)

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