TomTom Telematics is A Solution to Monitor Your Business Remotely

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TomTom Telematics is A Solution to Monitor Your Business Remotely – Are you a business owner who uses a fleet in your business? Your vehicle such as Truck, Van, Bus and Car is your valuable asset.

If you are a business owner, maybe you are asking “where is my vehicle right now? How do I know the quality of my fleet such as the use of fuel oil, improper driver behavior or the unstable speed of the vehicle in real time?”

All of these conditions can overcome using Telematics!


What is Telematics?

Telematics is a combination of electronic devices and software that is able to connect objects like your fleet to internet and allows you to monitor these objects from a long distance. This will make you able to see the speed of your fleet, the route traveled, fuel usage, driver behavior and others.


TomTom Telematics

TomTom is a Dutch company that makes telematics systems for your fleet. TomTom Telematics provides solutions to you how you can manage your business remotely.

TomTom Telematics
TomTom Telematics (image from

Now, your business, can be controlled based on the data displayed on the computer. Every day, you might receive fuel oil information, location, distance and driver behavior of your fleet. However, what if your driver takes the wrong road to get to the location, more fuel comes out right? this will reduce your income!

TomTom Telematics has made telematics devices. Their products are divided into two types, hardware and software:

1. Hardware

a. Tracking Device

The products are Link 220, Link 530 and Link 105.

  • Link 220 is a special device to track the position of your vehicle. this is a basic device and usually for small businesses. This device is quite connected to the OBD-II port on your vehicle and you are ready to see the position of the vehicle on WEBFLEET.
  • The 530 link functions like Link 220, but can connect to TomTom Pro terminal drivers for more complete features and can be linked to Link 105.
  • Link 105 is a device that can monitor fuel use, CO2 emissions and engine detection.
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b. TomTom Pro Driver Terminal

TomTom Pro
TomTom Pro (

TomTom Pro 7350, TomTom Pro 7350 Truck, TomTom Pro 8275M, TomTom Pro 8275M Truck, TomTom Pro 2020. This is a device that has a main display to show information needed by your driver, such as maps, location, fuel consumption, vehicle speed and etc.


2. Software

This device is named WEBFLEET. WEBFLEET is a website-based application that provides your Fleet information in real time.
The information available on WEBFLEET is like:
– Travel reports such as travel time, congestion location, driver’s condition and end of trip location, distance traveled and others
– The position of your vehicle will appear on the TomTom map in realtime.


GPS reception

Telematics devices have the main features is GPS. The device installed in your car will send coordinates in realtime to the TomTom main system. And you are a business owner, can see your fleet position on TomTom maps in real time.


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If you want to find out information about TomTom Telematics, please visit the TomTom Telematics Official Website.

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