The benefits of internet of things using arduino

The Benefits of Internet Of Things Arduino

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The Benefits of Internet Of Things Arduino – Humans develop with new thoughts, creations and innovations that come consistently and relentless progress, Arduino has brought the world of electronic design into a completely new world. For every electronic fan, Arduino is a solution. From having good ideas to developing customized equipment boards, Arduino has achieved computerized gadget and innovation standards.

The benefits of internet of things using arduino

Now your chance has come to the stage of open source equipment that makes it possible to create an “Internet of Things” innovation.

But what does “Interet of Things” mean? The Internet of Things is to do all activities through intertet from digital devices such as PCs, tablets, Smarthphone to electronic and electrical devices around you such as lights, air-conditioning washing machines, fans, electric meters, electric stoves, electric ovens and so on. Whatever it is, you can control it from a distance.

Arduino can work productively in wireless and remote information exchange through different additional electronic modules that can be accessed such as the GSM900 module for GSM + GPRS, ESP8266 for WIFI. From that “Internet of things” will not be an extreme task to build it.


Advantages of using IoT Devices

there are many benefits and conveniences when a system in the real world uses IoT devices including:

1. Data
The more information obtained, the easier it is to determine the right action based on existing data. With the help of computers and program algorithms we do not need to check data and sort one by one, let the machine do it according to the algorithm we want, in addition to fast also to be accurate.

2. Tracking
In an inventory system with the help of a computer it will be very easy to check inventory, location and quality of goods so that it is easier for us to do management so that no cases run out of goods because of negligence in checking if done manually.

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3. Time
With the help of a computer system that has been pre-programmed to process certain information and take action according to what has been programmed, the analysis process and decision-making based on large data will be very fast. It cannot be imagined if this is done manually without the help of a machine.

4. Costs
It is undeniable, the limited use of human power which results in the need for a lot of human labor to do hard work. With the help of machines that can be regulated and can replace human work, humans do not need to do heavy or complicated things today, just by becoming a machine operator. From this it can be seen that the cost of paying employees is less because it has been replaced by a machine.


Disadvantages of using IoT Devices

Behind the ease and sophistication that comes with using an IoT device there are some risks that you need to know about

1. Compatibility
There is no standardization of the use of sensors such as the use of USB, when a system with IoT devices is damaged, it must be purchased at the same vendor to replace it.2. Complexity Behind the convenience presented, there is an IoT module that is arranged in a complex way to receive and process information, this tool requires experts to take care of it regularly to keep the system running.

3. Safety
All computer devices and programs are prone to hacking, there are cases of massive DDOS attacks which are allegedly derived from IoT devices that have been hacked and made into botnets to carry out this attack. So once again experts are needed to secure IoT devices from hacker attacks.

It is time for those of you who have the faith and hobbies in the electronics sector to build The Benefits of Internet Of Things Arduino. Other News in Home Hambo Elektronik.

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