The First 8K HDR TV Made by Sony In 2019

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Sony has introduced the latest TV with their first 8K resolution at the CES 2019 named the BRIVIA Master Series Z9G. The ability of this TV is no doubt, capable of displaying super high resolution. The 8K resolution is the highest resolution in the world today and Sony has held it.


Sony introduced to the public through CES 2019 for this TV, because they were able to make it. But that does not mean that the TV can be used at this time. On the official website of Sony, there is no price information from this 8K HDR Z9G TV. That is, this TV has not been bought yet.

But for those of you who want to know more about the specifications of this TV, please continue reading below.


Display of 8K Resolution

A small number of people in the world today are only able to watch videos in 4K format and most of them are FHD. The clarity displayed on 4K TVs is very beautiful, but have you ever imagined clarity doubling from 4k?

The Z9G 8K HDR TV is capable of displaying images in a resolution of 7680×4320 pixels. The highest format in the world today.


X1 ™ Ultimate processor


This is a processor that will support the highest 8K display. This processor is only available on Sony TVs. they make it as strong as possible to be able to set the super high speed of the image bit so that it supports High Dynamic Range (HDR). You need to know, in this world there are thousands of tones, patterns, and gradations of light on certain objects. One of the features of the X1 Ultimate Processor is the HDR Super Bit Mapping which can control these bits. This creates TV picture quality that is smooth and natural when you watch, without “lines” like what happens on TV generally.

Stunning sound

Equipped with Dolby Audio sound processing (Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby AC-4) and Tweeter x4 audio configuration, x8 Woofer, Subwoofer x4, making harmony sound like natural sounds. Audio power that is owned by this TV is 80W.


Android Built In

In addition to the ability to display excellent image and audio quality, this TV is also supported by the Android operating system. This allows this TV to be connected to a smart system and can use various applications that can be installed via the Android Google Play Store.

This TV has support Google Assistant, Works with Alexa, Bluetooth connectivity, Chromecast built-in, and others.

For Complete Specifications, you can visit the Official website of the Z9G 8K TV.

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