3 Electric Motors at SF90 Stradale, Latest Hybrid Supercar Ferrari

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Three Electric Motors at SF90 Stradale, Ferrari’s Latest Hybrid Supercar – Are you lovers of Ferrari supercar products? They have released their latest product, SF90 Stradale. Beautiful design and charming, stylish and luxurious. With stunning red, makes it look beautiful.

SF90 Stradale
SF90 Stradale (ferrari.com)

Now the latest Supercar SF90 Stradale is using a Hybrid system. This means you can use the machine or electricity when running it. In addition, autonomous systems have been embedded in this car to regulate system efficiency. This supercar can also be run in various modes, such as Race or Sport.

This supercar has used three electric motors that can produce maximum power of 162kW. Also equipped with a li-Ion battery, this supercar can go up to 25KM by activating the all-electric eDrive method.

SF90 Stradale is the first Ferrari Supercar to use the PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) architecture that sees an internal combustion engine integrated with three electric motors, two of which are independent and located on the front axle, with the third behind the engine and gearbox.

When the car is turned on, various system devices will heat up, such as engines, high voltage batteries, electric engines, brakes and intercoolers. Cooling must be done to maintain damage to the system. This supercar has been equipped with an “Aerodynamic Thermal Management” system which functions as engine cooling, battery, electric engine, intercooler, brakes.


SF90 Stradale Specifications

Machine : V8

Maximum Electric Motor Strength : 162kW

Specific Strength : 195 cv / 1

Speed : 2.5 seconds at 0-100 km / hr

Maximum Engine Speed : 8000 giri / minute

Compression Ratio : 9.5: 1

Battery Capacity : 7.9 kWh

Maximum power output @ 7500 rpm : 780 cv

Maximum range of electric power distance : 25 km

Maximum torque @ 6000 rpm : 800 nM

GearBox F1 : 8-Speed ​​Double Clutch

Dynamics : 4WD Support

Control : eSSC (electronic Side Slip Control)


Dimension and weight

Height : 1186 mm

Dry weight : 1570 kg

Front Tire Size : 255/35 ZR 20 J9,5

Rear Tire Size : 315/30 ZR 20 J11,5

Front Brake Size : 398x223x38 mm

Rear Brake Size : 360x233x32 mm


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This SF90 Stradale Supercar information from the official website. For complete information, please visit the official website SF90 Stradale Supercar Ferrari or go directly to the official Ferrari dialer.

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