smart home arduino build make diy

Electronic Modules for Smart Home System Using Arduino

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Make a smart home system using Arduino – Home Automation System is how to make various electronic or electrical devices connected to one particular network. That has been set up in the system, so that you can manage everything independently through the internet from anywhere.

When you want a home automation system, all electrical or electronic devices in your home are connected to an internet network that you can control from your laptop, tablet or smartphone . You can also control various equipment such as air conditioners, lights, televisions, audio speakers, home temperature, CCTV cameras, and garage door lock using your smart home technology.

smart home arduino build make diy

With the introduction of smart home automation, you will easily be able to increase your home to the next technology system. This allows you to enjoy high-tech functionality and comfort that was previously impossible. Daily technological advancements make life easier for consumers.


The Benefits of smart home automation

You might find it difficult when trying to connect electrical appliances together through a wireless connection and home automation. There are many types of smart home systems, but choosing the right one will take your time and research. When you can manage electrical devices from a single control system, you can easily help your household run smoothly. Modern and smart homes can give you security and help you save more energy..

One of the easiest microcontroller devices to make a home automation system is Arduino, with a library that is very available with a large amount of it, this allows you to connect all electrical devices to one interface.

Choosing home automation is a simple way to move towards the latest technology and an easy home management system. You can also make your Arduino device connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth and WiFi and a GSM card. With just one touch on your smartphone, you will be able to direct many functions at home. You can create a home automation application on your android using Android Studio.

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Now we have come into the industrial era 4.0. Where almost all industrial equipment has been connected to one internet parent network. Although smart homes are included in the list of technologies that have long been planned, smart homes are very flexible when they have to adapt to modern equipment and gadgets.

In the future you will want to replace some old gadgets and bring some modern technology to complement your home. If you can make a home automation system using Arduino, it will definitely make your job easier.

The home automation system using Arduino allows you to control and monitor security cameras through your smartphone from any part of your home. There are many options that you need to explore using Arduino that have abundant benefits.

You can connect the Arduino system with PIR sensor lights for automatic ignition, CCTV cameras, automatic door locks, voice recognition, smart lock, smart garage, alarm for theft so that when you sleep it will make you safe and far from the possibility of theft. You can embed a security warning sound on your smartphone to detect if there is suspicious activity happening inside your home.

only large companies are very well known in making industrial automation such as Samsung and people find it difficult to agree with changes. Now, you might be able to use the electronics knowledge you have to create an automation system because this is very effective in improving your life. You can sell and provide information about your products to the public. You can build the home automation system to enjoy the benefits of the latest technology and manage various smart homes. Here are some important areas that you can improve by installing an automated system.

At certain times, you cannot resist the events that happen to you. For example, after a day of working in the office, when you comes home and you fall asleep, then the automatic system allows you to save your home from thieves, start automatic air conditioning. If you are busy cooking for the morning and you forget to cook for your family, then you can revive the oven to cook from a distance.

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Module or Sensor For Smart Home Is Compatible Using Arduino

All so simple compilation you use home automation. Below is a list module that you can use as a sensor or media in smart home system using Arduino.
– For Bluetooth you can use the HC-05 Module
– For Wireless RF you can use the NRF24L01 module
– To detect human movement you can use a PIR sensor
– For GSM Communication you can use SIM800 or SIM900 modules
– To protect home temperature you can use the DHT11 or DHT22 module
– For door security you can use the fingerprint module
– For window security you can use magnetic sensors
– To prevent gas leakage, you can use the MQ-2 sensor
– To convert various types of gas, you can use MQ series sensors

From the various modules above, I am sure you can use it and this means that you will have the right control over your smart home system using Arduino. When you make a smart home system, you will definitely save energy in your home. It depends on how you make and design the system to connect to various devices and make your space more energy efficient. Using Arduino you can also create a system that can save energy consumption and reduce waste at unnecessary sources. Other News in Home Hambo Elektronik.

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