A Brief History of Electronic Sensors In The World

A Brief History of Electronic Sensors In The World

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A brief history of electronic sensors in the world – Humans have experimented with sensors of various types since at least the third century BC, when Philo of Byzantine built devices that were able to show how much air expands due to changes in temperature.

In the seventeenth century, Italian astronomer and physicist Galileo Galilei was building the first version of a thermometer. Decades later in 1784, a British engineer named George Atwood designed the first accelerometer, a tool to show the truth of Newtonian physics until it was discovered
back in the late twentieth century as a gadget capable of several electronic sensor applications (the auto-rotate function on the smartphone and tablet device depends on

In addition, thermostats as first came to the market in 1883, and many consider this the first modern, man-made sensor. Infrared sensors have been around since the late 1940s, although they have really only entered popular nomenclature over the past few years. The motion detector has been used for several years
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Sometimes the discoveries made by creative scientists lie dormant for decades and even centuries until applications for re-need are needed. For example, infrared radiation (literally radiation from wavelengths under visible red light), was discovered in 1800 by German astronomer William Herschel. Three decades later in 1831, Italian physicist Melloni invented a thermopile capable of detecting warmth (ie receiving infrared radiation) from a human subject standing ten meters away. But it wasn’t until the 1970s that infrared sensors were able to create “warmth” images of humans or animals in specially designed cameras that were actually developed.

The years when World War II was sponsored by the state at that time found many things. The pre-cursors of Radio Frequency Identification or RFID chips and motion sensors were developed with an interest in warfare during this period, with the invention of radar really making in nineteenth century technology and RFID growing from the basic IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) transponder used to detect distinctive sounds from enemies and friendly planes.

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Thus a brief history of a brief history of electronic sensors in the world.  Other News in Home Hambo Elektronik.

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