The Casio G-Shock GLX5600KI-7 Watch is Made For Surfers

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The Casio G-Shock GLX5600KI-7 Watch is Made For Surfers – Yesterday on May 22, 2019, the world watch manufacturer Casio introduced the latest model of the G-Shock G-Shock watch, the G-Shock GLX5600KI-7 in the city of Dover, New Jersey. This watch is a collaboration between the Casio G-Shock and the world surfing from Japan, Kanoa Igarashi.

Casio G-Shock GLX5600KI-7
G-Shock GLX5600KI-7 (youtube-CasioUSA)

From the Japan Times official website, Kanoa Igarashi is Japan’s first national surfing. He is a dual citizen of Japan and the United States. And he will surf in Japan in the face of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The G-Shock Clock GLX5600KI-7 has a different appearance with the other G-Shock hands. This watch has a transparent container color, a silver front side, and a Kanoa Igarashi signature on the front display. In addition, the G-Lide family watch can display tidal tides that are useful for surfers.

G-Shock GLX5600KI-7
G-Shock GLX5600KI-7 (youtube-CanonUsa)

The size of the watch is thin and small so it doesn’t interfere when you surf. This special watch for surfing also has features in the G-Shock watch in general, which is 200m deep, shock resistant, can display world clocks, 48 ​​cities with 29 world time zones, automatic backlighting, lightning warnings, stopwatch and countdown time, and 2 multi-function alarms.

Mr. Ibe is one of Casio’s engineers and he is the figure behind the G-Shock watch. With the aim of creating a watch that has never been damaged, the G-Shock generation watch was born. This Japanese watch is undoubtedly its ability and durability. It’s almost all over the world using these watches including Thomas Reiter Astronauts who are in Space. He uses the G-Shock DW-5900 watch (wikipedia).

I also use Casio brand watches but not the GLX5600KI-7 G-Shock, it has been repeatedly exposed to water and high temperature environments. Until now, I can still use this watch in my daily life.


Price of G-Shock GLX5600KI-7

On the official G-Shock website, the price of the GLX5600KI-7 G-Shock watch is $ 130 and will go on sale in July.

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