Fantastic 100MP Camera : FUJIFILM GFX100 is The Latest Mirrorless Digital Camera by Fujifilm

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FUJIFILM GFX100 is The Latest Mirrorless Digital Camera by Fujifilm – FUJIFILM Corporation has released the news of their latest product, mirrorless digital camera with the highest resolution of 102 million pixels in the world. This camera is named Fujifilm GFX100. This camera will be released in June 2019, said the president of the Fujifilm Corporation, Kenji Sukeno.

GFX100 Fujifilm
GFX100 (

This camera has the ability to record images up to 4K resolution with 30fps. This high speed allows the resulting image to be very sharp. The GFX100 also has the ability to Auto Focus (AF) which is very fast, almost double the current model by relying on their latest algorithm.

Image Format Support

The GFX100 uses the largest sensor today that has a resolution of 102 million pixels, with a sensor area of ​​43.8 x 32.9mm. To be able to process images very quickly, they use a homemade processor, the X-Processor 4. This processor only takes 0.4 seconds and takes 85fps EVF refresh. From this, the camera format supported by the GFX100 is:


[L] 8736×8736
[M] 6192×6192
[S] 2992×2992


[L] 11648×7768
[M] 8256×5504
[S] 4000×2664


[L] 11648×8736
[M] 8256×6192
[S] 4000×3000


[L] 10928×8736
[M] 7744×6192
[S] 3744×3000


[L] 10192×8736
[M] 7232×6192
[S] 3744×3000


[L] 11648×6552
[M] 8256×4640
[S] 4000×2248


[L] 11648×4304
[M] 8256×3048
[S] 4000×1480

35mm format

[L] 9552×6368

Image Stabilization

In taking moving pictures, this GFX100 camera is equipped with image stabilization. In this stabilitation there is a three-axis accelerometer, three-axis gyro sensor, a special dual processor so that it can make precision shooting.

GFX100 Stabilization
Stabilization (

In addition, the GFX100 is equipped with a shock reduction mechanism, which is usually an obstacle for you to take commercial, landscape and studio photos. vibrations that may occur when you take a photo will be absorbed by the engine mechanism inside the GFX100 camera.

User View

The GFX100 camera has a 3.2 “OLED LCD which can be tilted in three directions so you can see the shooting area with the position you like. With the touch screen feature, you no longer use the buttons to change various camera rules that allow object capture. the good one.

For complete GFX100 information, you can see on the Official Fujifilm GFX100.

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