How to Fix stray ‘\302’ Error in Arduino

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The cause of the ‘\302’ program in Arduino – This time I want to share about errors that I don’t normally experience. When I was making a program on Arduino IDE. Then the program that I created, I compiled to get results, but there was an error. The error displayed here is unusual, I have never had an error like this. The error is stray ‘\302’ in the program. Look at the picture above.

After searching from various references, the stray error ‘\302’  in this program occurs because we copy paste the writing from another data processor to our Arduino IDE. Sure enough, I copy the article from the Google translate and then I paste it into the Arduino IDE. The reason is, when I paste in the arduino IDE, the ASCII code, which is usually in the form of “space” in words, goes into the Arduino IDE.

The fix is, delete the space at the beginning  and at the end of the error line of the sentence, then on the Arduino IDE, select the Tools > Auto Format menu. Here my problem is resolved. If there is still an error that appears, double check the space that might be in the middle of the sentence is still not erased. Hopefully this article is useful for you.

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