Fan Without A Blade, Best Innovation by Dyson Company

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Fan Without A Blade, Best Innovation by Dyson Company – In general, the fan uses a rotating blade to produce an air push. But the world has changed, technology is growing. The latest innovations of fan have come from the dyson company.

Dyson Fans and Heaters Fan Without A Blade
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They have developed fans without a blade. You can put this fan to the corner of your house without worrying touching the blade. Because this fan is without blade, this fan is safe and easy to clean. This fan is divided into two types, Dyson Cool and Dyson Hot + Cool.


Features Dyson Fan Without A Blade

Below are some features that they make in dyson company, such as:

  • Strong air flow
  • Fast air flow
  • Smooth air flow
  • Without a spinning blade
  • Have a timer from 15 minutes to 9 hours
  • Additional features using remote control
  • Easy to clean
  • Others


How This Fan Works?

How to push the air without a spinning blade? is that possible?

They use technology “Jet engines and Turbochargers”. This means, they use a very fast rotation so that it can make the air sucked very strongly with a small physical rotating device.

They use Brushless Motors. That can spin very fast with high stability and less energy. This motor is equipped with symmetrically mounted fins hidden inside in the body of the fan. This arrangement of symmetrical fins has been designed in such a way as to be able to control the sound of the air, so the sound that appears is silent.

This motor will rotate very fast and suck air from the under body of fan. Look at on the fan body, there are small holes. This hole is used as the intake air flow. This air suction will produce high air pressure up to 10 gallons of air per second and this pressure will be forced out. With a very good design, the air will flow into the upper body cracks. so this fan doesn’t need a blade on the outside body.

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Because this fan without a blade, it’s safe for you and your family, especially your little kids.


Several Models Available

Dyson Cool


Dyson Cool + Heat

Are you interested in having it or are you still confused by this explanation? For more information this fan without a blade, you can visit Official Dyson Company.

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