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Making Anti-theft Devices with PIR Sensors

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Making Anti-theft Tools with PIR Sensors – Theft is very detrimental to all of us. Many people overcome theft by installing CCTV to monitor the condition of a location. However, the disadvantage of CCTV is that we are only aware after being theft and CCTV will only show the theft scene after a theft. It is very detrimental to us where objects have been stolen.

CCTV cannot tell you in real time that someone is stealing. I tried to make a simple device, where the lights will turn on when someone comes. This tool we focus on working on night. We all already know, sensors that can detect the presence of people, the simplest is the PIR sensor. Yes, sensors that detect human movement. Sensors that are very easy to use. For those of you who don’t know how these sensors work, I will explain briefly.

PIR sensor or what is also called Passive Infrared Sensor works when there is human movement. When human movement is detected, the PIR sensor will give HIGH (5V) logic. If do not detect any human movement, it will give logic LOW (0V). From this situation, we can make a simple anti-theft system.

“When a family wants to leave the house at night, let’s say you want to take a walk or visit your friendship, all the lights in the house are turned off to save electricity. However, when thieves come to our homes, no one knows, even neighbors, because the room is dark. Well, we want all the lights in our house or some lights to turn on suddenly when someone come in and won’t die until we go home. Of course, when the light suddenly flashed, the thief must have been shocked and thought, “Oh, there are people, it’s better to just leave this”. It is also possible for the neighbors to see why our house suddenly lights up even though there are no people in there. We place the sensor in a hidden place or on the ceiling so that no one can reach it carelessly. Because it is located on a ceiling or a high place, we need an IR remote to turn it off or turn it on. ” Like that system we will create.

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The first step is to make a schematic. I use the Kicad software to create a schematic + PCB design. This Kicad software is open source. There is no limit on using this software. you can make any design, as much as possible, even designs that can later be commercialized or sold. For the schematic shown pictute below:

minimum system atmega328

PCB Design

After finishing the circuit design, I then made a PCB design. Below I have made PCB from this anti-theft device.

diy arduino

After I design the PCB, I print it like this.

membuat alat anti maling sederhana

Using Kicad software, we can see and ensure designs in 3D. So this is very useful for determining the size of the PCB and lay out the components that we will print.

Rangkaian Anti Maling dengan Arduino

The result is like this:

membuat alat anti maling sederhana arduino anti teft


Please download the program here.

how to program ATtiny13, please click here.

General Program Explanation:

The type of IR Receiver that I use is TSOP1738. ATtiny13 will be active when receiving commands from the IR Remote. When active, ATtiny13 will make the delay time for approximately 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, the ATtiny will detect human movement. When human movement is detected, the ATtiny will turn on the lamp. For to turn off the light, you must use an IR Remote.

Casing Design

After successfully creating and testing programs and PCBs, I designed the casing of this PCB. I made this 3D design using Freecad software.

anti theft arduino anti theft arduino

After the casing design is complete, I print the design using a 3D printer. printing within 6 hours. The following are the results of a 3D printer.

anti theft arduinoanti theft arduinomembuat alat anti maling sederhana anti theft arduino

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