Dyson V11 Cordless Smart Vacuum Cleaner

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Dyson V11 Cordless Smart Vacuum Cleaner – Are you currently using Vacuum Cleaner in cleaning your house? Do you find limitations in cleaning your room because you have to use a vacuum cleaner cable?

Now you can clean all the corners of your house without cables!

The latest news from Dyson, their latest product is a cordless Cleaner Vacuum, with the latest type of battery making space clean activities easy.

You can bring a Dyson V11 vacuum cleaner wherever you want, without thinking of an electrical plug. But what causes this Superior Cleaner is the best?

dyson v11 vacum cleaner
Vacuum Cleaner Dyson V11 (dyson.com)

Using a Battery

This is the latest breakthrough, because vacum cleaner generally uses cables to drive very fast suction motors. The battery used by Dyson V11 is a nickel cobalt-aluminum cathode battery so that it can rotate cleaning motors up to 125,000 rpm.


Inteligent Cleaning

This is rarely in the market vacuum cleaner. Usually to change the suction strength mode, it takes a button or play button. Unlike Dyson V11, this vacuum cleaner has 3 modes. Automatic mode, boost and echo.
Automatic mode on this vacuum cleaner will automatically rotate the motor speed and suction according to the type of floor or carpet. Bost mode is used to suck stronger than dust suction, this mode is usually used to suck large particles like the ground.


LCD Screen

This is a feature that is very rarely found in general vacuum cleaner. This LCD will give Inteligent Cleaning mode information what is being used, how much battery power is left and there is a maintenance warning so that it can work optimally.


Price Vacuum Cleaner Dyson V11

On the official dyson website, they sell this vacuum cleaner for $700 + 2 year warranty + 3 free additional tools + 90 days money back guarantee for free shipping. Conditions apply, please read more information on the official dyson vacum cleaner.

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What about you? Are you interested in this Dyson V11 vacuum cleaner? Check more information on the Official Dyson Vacum Cleaner V11.

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