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DIY Arduino (Minimum System) – As an electronic consumer, we certainly already know various types of Arduino, starting from Arduino Uno, Nano, Micro, Mega and others. From Genuine Italian companies to Chinese home industries, there have been many issuing Arduino because arduino series are open source. On this project, I want to share to you, how we can make our Arduino with our own name. I have tested in this project and have succeeded. It should be noted that this project is not an arduino uno but an DIY arduino minimum system.

I design this schematic and PCB using the Kicad Software. This Kicad is an open source PCB design software. From schematic design features, creating your own library, PCB design, creating your own footprint, 3D Viewer components, making PCBs up to 6 layers, gerber viewer, circuit calculator equipment, etc. The features are not inferior to the paid PCB design software. I prefer to use this software compared to Eagle because there is no design limit.

Making Arduino itself is our satisfaction because with this we can design according to taste and can add to our own logo. There are 3 steps in making Arduino, schematic design, PCB design and make PCB.



You can follow the following schematic. I have tried the schematic below and succeeded, but if you want to add the features you want, you’re welcome.

minimum system atmega328

PCB Design

From the above of DIY Arduino schematic, I made a 2 layer PCB using the Kicad software, but here I have not used SMD components, so for friends who are beginners, this project is very suitable to start making Arduino yourself. You can see the PCB design results in the picture below.

diy arduino

One feature that I really like it about this PCB Kicad design software is, 3D Viewer. This feature allows us to see an overview of the final results of our PCB design in 3D. You can see the final results of this project as shown below.

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diy arduino

Print PCB

After the design is complete, I print this PCB design into the PCB design service. If you are still beginners and still confused about how to print PCBs with good quality, I recommend two websites including jlcpcb and pcbway because I have ordered through them. This is a company in China, I find the price is very cheap. The result is a printed PCB that I ordered is like in the series below.

diy arduino

For programming this ATMega328 I use Arduino as ISP. Please read the Arduino ISP on the official Arduino website. Be Happy.

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