Amazing, Digit are Smart Robots For Deliveries by Ford Motor Company and Agility Robotics

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Digit are Smart Robots For Deliveries by Ford Motor Company and Agility Robotics – In 2018, Ford has created a self-driving vehicle that is capable of delivering people or packages simultaneously at a specific location. In this case, they work with Walmart and Postmates. Walmart is one of the hypermarkets in the United States and Postmates is a United States logistics company. As a technology owner, Ford Motor Company has successfully delivered various types of packages purchased from Walmart and processed through postmates.

Digit Delivery Robot
Digit (Agility Robotics & Ford Motor Company)


Digit Robots For Deliveries with Self-Driving Car

Self-Driving vehicles have helped ease the delivery of goods in the United States, but there are still obstacles during this shipment. The problem is not being able to deliver packages from self-driving vehicles to door of the customer’s home. So, Ford Motor Company collaborates with Agility Robotics to make a package delivery robot.

On May 22, 2019, For Motor Company introduced intelligent robots that can work like humans. This robot is called Digit and serves to deliver packages from self-driving vehicles to the customer’s home. Like humans, Digits can walk on two legs, control themselves and can lift weights of nearly 40 pounds or the equivalent of 18.14 Kg.

Previously, Amazon had also made a small robot in the form of a mini car called Scout which was able to deliver packages. Do not want to miss out on robotic technology and want to provide a solution, Ford Motor Company develops robots that can walk like humans.

The robot prepared for this future is still in the trial phase. Digits can fold their bodies automatically so that they can enter the car without any interference from humans. To see the environment, this robot also has two stereo cameras and a LiDAR, and a computer device inside that can make it smart in navigation.

Digit also has wireless communication that is connected to self-driving vehicles, if there is a problem from this robot, then self-driving vehicles will try to help find a solution.

Stereo cameras used by digits have advantages compared to single cameras if we use them. The camera is equally functional to record images and process images, but stereo cameras can provide information to determine the distance of an object so that the robot can take one action.

Like the human eye, if the human eye is defective and functions only one, then humans will be confused to determine the distance of an object. He can only see but is not very clear.

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a sensor that is able to detect a location, both shape, distance, and environmental conditions. LiDAR will shoot a laser beam pulse, and the reflection of this laser will be received by the LiDAR detector. the data received from detector will be processed by computerization so that it can create a 3D map of that environment.

robots will start taking human work especially in delivering goods. This is based on the consequences of the large number of items shipped each year in the United States. Ford is trying to provide a solution by creating self-driving vehicles and package delivery robots.

The future is the development of robots in various functions. various intelligent systems have been designed to fulfill and ease human work. Smart systems such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of things, Cloud, and others are now reaching various sectors of human life. Read Other News in Home Hambo Elektronik.


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