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What is the difference between Scientific Notation & Engineering Notation?

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Scientific Notation & Engineering Notation – In mathematics or physics, we will find exponent value. For example, 102. This exponent is a method for simplification of the writing of large or minus values. This simplification is also called notation. For example In electricity or electronics, current of 1000 amperes is written with 103 or 1k ampere. All notations are based on numbers 10. The number 10 in notation value is also referred to as “The Power of Ten”. The Power of Ten is method the writing of values ​​based on value of 10 with a exponent. This exponent is indicates the number and position of the number contained in a value.

If the base value of 10 contains a positive exponent, then the number of position numbers is written right from the actual value. For example, 1×103 = 1000. In other words, the exponent shows how many values ​​”0″ on a value or multiplier. If the value 10 contains a negative exponent, then write the value to the left of the actual value. For example 10-3 = 0.001.

Negative exponent will not make the value negative, but only has the effect of declaring the direction of the value to the left. There are two types of notations used, scientific notation and technical notation.


Scientific Notation

In scientific notation, the number of values ​​or quantities is written using the rules “One digit number + comma + Power of Ten”. For example the value of 24,000 is written 2.4×104 or the value 0.000052 is written with 5.2 x 10-5.
200 = 2 x 102
220 = 2.2 x 102
2,200 = 2.2 x 103
40,000 = 4 x 104
43,000 = 4.3 x 104

Engineering Notation

In Engineering notation the number of values ​​or quantities is written using the rules “One, two, or more digits (without commas) + Power of Ten”. For example the value of 24,000 is written 24 x 103 or 0.000052 written with 52 x 10-6.
200 = 2 x 102
220 = 22 x 101
2,200 = 22 x 102
40,000 = 4 x 104
43,000 = 43 x 103

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Scientific Notation         Engineering Notation
4.5 x 103                                     45 x 102
3.2 x 108                                     32 x 109
1.8 x 107                                     18 x 108

In other calculations, The Power of Ten can also be replaced in symbols. For example, the value of 12,000 in power of ten is 12×103 can be replaced into a symbol and written into 12k.

Another example, for example a resistor has a resistance of 1,000,000 Ohms. If written using the Power Of Ten method is 1×106, if you use a symbol it is enough to write 1M Ohm. In general, the symbols that are often used in the Power of Ten values ​​are shown in the table below:

power of ten symbol matrix prefixes


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