Introduces Corning Astra Glass For 8K Resolution Display

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corning astra glassIntroduces Corning Astra Glass For 8K Resolution Display – Corning Incorporated introduced Corning Astra Glass at Display Week’s Society for Information Display (SID) in San Jose, California. May 14-16 2019. This company which is famous for Gorilla Glass products which are almost used by all Smarthphoe and other gadgets, has now developed a glass substract formula that will be applied to notebooks, tablets and 8K TV Resolution for HIGH-Performance.

The development of Astra Glass products creates very high pixels density so that it can display images from the screen more lively and brighter. This Astra glass has stability to heat.

at the Society for Information Display’s (SID) Display Week, business director, High-Performance Displays, Corning Glass Technologies, Han Yim said “After years of close collaboration with customers, we’ve learned what they need in oxide display glass to bring 8K resolution devices and low total pitch variations, low total thickness variation, and low sag. Astra meets meet the right requirements, high-temperature requirements of oxide processing and joins our portfolio of display substrates, alongside EAGLE XG® Glass and Lotus ™ NXT Glass, to cover the entire spectrum of our customer’s needs. “

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