capasitance of capasitor

Amount Of Capacitance Of A Capacitor

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The Amount Of Capacitance Of A Capacitor – The capacity of a capacitor is the ratio of the amount of electric charge to the voltage of the capacitor.

capasitance of capasitor

Basic Formula Capacitance

C = Q / V

Information :
C = Capacity in farad units
Q = Electric charge in Coulomb units
V = Capacitor voltage in Volt units

If calculated by the formula C = 0.0885 D / d. Then the capacity is in units of Piko Farad.
D = the area of ​​the plate that is facing each other and affecting each other in units of cm 2.
d = distance between plates in units of cm.

1 farad understanding

f the voltage between plates is 1 volt and the amount of electric charge on the plate is 1 coulomb, then the ability to store electricity is called 1 farad.

In reality capacitors are made with units under 1 farad. Most electrolytic capacitors are made from 1 microfarad to several millifarads. Variable capacitors have a large physical size but the capacitance value is very small, only up to hundreds of picofarads.

Capasitance Calcuator

if you want to calculate the capacitance of a capacitor easily, please use the capacitance calculator, click here. Other News in Home Hambo Elektronik.

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