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Best Arduino Products For Beginners

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Best Arduino Products For Beginners – Are you a beginner and want to learn a microcontroller? Confused about the best microcontroller platform for beginners? I advise you to choose Arduino. Apart from being very good functional, supported by qualified software, everything you want can be created. There are thousands of projects using Arduino right now. But for those of you who are still wondering, what is Arduino type is the most suitable for beginners? Of all the types of Arduino products the answer is Arduino Uno.

Arduino uno is a Products of Arduino that has 14 I / O pins with 32KB program memory. In addition, this Arduino has features:

  • MicrocontrollerATMega328
  • 8-bit architecture
  • CPU speed of up to 20 MIPS
  • Amount of all Pin 32
  • 1024 byte EEPROM data
  • Program type memory is Flash
  • Can communicate with UART, SPI and I2C protocols
  • The working voltage is 1.8 to 5.5 Volt
  • For more details, please download the datasheet below.

Download Datasheet ATMega328


best arduino for beginner
Image edited from SparkFun Electronics -Juan Peña


Best Arduino Products For Beginners Explanation:

  • Digital I / O pins are used for all digital logic, besides that there are useful pins for PWM such as pins 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11 which are marked with “~” and pins for serial communication, namely pins 0, 1.
  • Analog I / O pins are used for ADC (analog digital converter). In addition to the ADC, pins A4 and A5 are also used as pins for I2C communication.
    ICSP pins are pins that are use for SPI communication. With this pin we can also program other AVR type microcontrollers like ATMega328, ATTiny.
  • Power Pins are useful for the resources of electronic equipment that you will use. For example a sensor module that requires 5V power. You can use the 5V pin Arduino to your sensor resource. VIn is one power input pin, meaning that if you have an external power source of 9 Volts, you can connect it directly to this pin. Pin VIn is connected to the Regulator IC which will convert the 9Volt voltage to 5Volt and 3.3Volt.
  • A Power Jack is a connector for External resources.
  • Resettable Fuse is an electronic fuse that will secure all electronic components in Arduino if a short circuit or overcurrent occurs. How to work this Resettable Fuse is if the current passing through this fuse exceeds the maximum limit of the specified current, then it will disconnect the power automatically until Arduino goes out. If the current has returned low, this fuse will automatically be reconnected.
  • The USB port is useful for programming your Arduino from a computer, besides that if we don’t want to use Jack Power or Vin as a power supply connection, we still use USB to get power source. The cable used on the Arduino USB port is a cable with type USB 2.0 A / B.
  • The Reset button is used to reset the Arduino system. For example, our Arduino suddenly hangs or an error in reading the sensor, we can use this button to recover the error and Arduino will run from the beginning.

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