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Arduino Nano Port Not Detected Chip CH340

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Arduino Port Not Detected – Arduino Nano is a tiny Arduino board and has the same features as Arduino Uno. Because of its smaller size, many people use Arduino Nano for their projects.

However, if this is the first time you use Arduino Nano, you cannot program it because the port is not detected. Are you currently experiencing the same problem? If true this is the right article.

Arduino is an open source product, so many people try to make it. If you use Arduino Nano made in China, this article will solve your problem. Generally Arduino made in China uses the CH340 chip as a USB Bus Converter.

When Arduino Nano has been connected to a PC, we check the Device Manager, it turns out that Arduino nano requires a USB2.0-Serial driver. If we use Arduino Uno, this won’t happen, we can immediately use it. How could this happen? The reason is Arduino Nano uses the CH340 chip as a USB to Serial Communication.

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In order for Arduino IDE to be detected by Arduino Nano on your computer / PC, a special driver for the CH340 chip is needed. You can download by clicking the link below.

Download CH341SER Driver

After the download is complete, you can install it in the following ways:
1. Open the CH341SER folder.
2. Click on the SETUP.EXE file
3. Click INSTALL
4. Wait a moment until the pop-up is successful.
5. After you have finished installing, please connect the Arduino Nano to your computer / PC and open the Device Manager to see if the port is active.

Now, You can upload your program code to the Arduino Nano using the Arduino IDE.

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