“Apple Card” is The Latest Technology of Credit Cards by Apple Inc.

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“Apple Card” is The Latest Technology of Credit Cards – Through Apple’s standards of simplicity, transparency and privacy, Apple has now completely built sophisticated Apple  credit cards for shopping, accommodation and deals with your costs.

Apple Card
Apple Card (apple.com)

With a mix of innovations claimed by Apple Inc, this has any new features with credit cards in general, to be more specific, following:

  1. Credit cards are created and issued directly by Apple, not the Bank.
  2. Every purchase is made, you will get a apple card cash back right away.
  3. Consume from your shopping, get data and display based on the color category on the iPhone. For example, orange for food and drink, pink for pleasure and more. So you can see your cost diagram effectively.
  4. Shop using an Apple Card through Apple Pay.
  5. This billing card is now in the Wallet application.
  6. If the shopping area does not support Apple Pay, at that time you can use a credit card made of titanium laser scratches (as in the picture above). What’s more, this applies everywhere in the world.
  7. Has a shopping trail record. For example, if you buy a product at a store located in California using an Apple Card through Apple Pay, at that time the Apple Pay application will add coordinates and display on the map.


Apple Card Balance Transfer

Good news for you, that Apple doesn’t charge anything about this. Such as the cost of advances, annual fees, or late fees for bills. Generally a credit card requires a fee that must pay, but it is different from an Apple card. Its Free!


Is The Apple Card Safe?

Apple has updated the latest security and protection systems. This cards must be used for one individual with the security of Apple Pay, Face ID, Touch ID, and Unique Transaction Code.

This credit card does not have a number on the physical, two numbers that are in front and behind even the CVV number. So you will feel the security of shopping. Note in the picture above, a credit card with a plain storefront, only the Apple logo and the Owner Name.

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When you register and get an this Card, a unique ID number is planted on your iPhone to maintain the privacy of account ownership.

Each purchase requires your gadget number, in addition to the unique one-time security code produced by the iPhone when you approve the purchase.

If you lose this Mastercard, at that time you can also block and request new ones in the Wallet application.

If you use Apple Pay on your iphone, you can use Face ID or Touch ID. Both of these innovations are the most progressive security advances in technology. This way, regardless of whether other people know your iPhone, it cannot be used to buy anything because of installments, because the iPhone must scan your face.

If you haven’t found a place that can get Apple Pay, you can take advantage of the titanium credit that Apple plans to uphold by Mastercard so you can use it worldwide.

For installments through usage and site, there is a virtual card number in the Wallet application. This applies when you use Safari.

Every Visa requires a issuing bank. To make an Apple Card, we need an accomplice who is ready to face the difficulties of achieving something intense and imaginative. Enter Goldman Sachs. This is the main customer cost card that they spend, so it is available to complete Apple Card for business completely new way.

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